COVID 19 Testing for Central Texas Employers: Thomas Graphics Plays it Safe

Thomas Graphics is a graphics services and printing company that’s been a mainstay in Austin for 30+ years. They provide any product or service imaginable to communicate with a customer’s clients, employees, stockholders or vendors. They are an $11 million a year company and when they experienced a COVID outbreak late last year, a third of their workforce became sick and […]

Colby College student Drake Blossfield talks COVID-19 testing

Drake Blossfield a senior at Colby College talks about COVID-19 testing at Colby College and fellow classmates approach to the school year. They’re still even gathering for social engagements, said Drake Blossfield, a senior from Wisconsin. Normally, the senior apartments are the hot spot for crowdedcampus parties, Now, social engagements are more personal. Blossfield said he and his roommates even have a […]