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By providing rapid and reliable test results, in addition to vaccinations, and with the ability to bill insurance, POCHS gives employers, state/city offices, universities, as well as hospitality and various service providers, the means to implement and uphold COVID (viral) compliant protocols. We empower leaders to make decisions based on consistent and trusted information and afford confidence in a safe environment for employees, customers and patrons alike.

Now Providing Rapid Drug Testing Services

How It Works

Once a mobile unit is booked, individuals within the organization will be emailed a unique booking link where they can go online to book an appointment for day and time that best fits their schedule. Once the appointment is selected, a confirmation will be sent via email along with a link to check in and electronically sign testing and/or vaccination forms.


Viral Testing - Asymptomatic Patients

Arrive to mobile unit for rapid COVID active infection/antibody test and/or COVID vaccine. Receive results in 15-30 minutes


Viral Testing - Symptomatic Patients

Complete a short (5-10 minutes) telehealth apt by phone, then Call or text upon arrival at the mobile unit Complete rapid COVID active infection test and/or Flu/Strep/RSV.
Receive results in 15-30 minutes


Vaccine Patients

Complete a short (5-10 minutes) telehealth apt by phone *if necessary.
Arrive to mobile unit to receive vaccine.


Drug Testing

Employees arrive to on-site mobile unit at their scheduled time and check in with POCHS staff.
Employees use mobile unit to leave urine sample for testing.
Results sent via email within 15 minutes for instant testing and within 2-3 business days with laboratory confirmations/DOT screening.

Prices & Insurance

We will bill insurance*

Employer/Organization customized fees can be provided upon request*

POCHS mobile units can accept patients without insurance at no cost to them. A photo ID and social security card are required so that we can apply for uninsured patient funding.

In the event of consumer servicing, self-pay fees are as follows:

Rapid COVID Antigen Test ………………………….. $130
Rapid COVID Antigen + Flu Test ………………… $175
Rapid COVID Molecular Test (NAAT) …………. $275
Rapid COVID Antibody Test …………………………$130​

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Including Medicare replacement plans as well as other major insurance plans

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Our Benefits

Mobile Clinic/Lab

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Temperature-Controlled Environment

Reliable Results in 15-30 Minutes

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