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COVID-19 Testing for Events

Providing large-scale events with quick on-site testing
as a safety measure against COVID-19.

Providing large-scale events with quick on-site testing as a safety measure against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Testing For Camps and Events

Planning a large-scale event and concerned about virus spread? There are many challenges in ensuring event goers are tested negative. On-site testing is ideal, can be difficult to execute. Point of Care Health Services can help you conduct on-premise COVID-19 testing with ease.

We facilitate performing mobile COVID testing on an extensive level with the capacity of testing a crowd of thousands. Our mobile testing unit not only offers convenience but also significantly reduces the spreading of coronavirus by testing people there and then. Our medically trained staff will collect and analyze a specimen sample within our temperature-controlled mobile units providing results within 15-30 minutes (depending on how many people are being tested at one time) so that event organizers and attendees can make decisions in real-time to maintain safety.

We offer an on-site COVID testing service for almost every large social gathering including:

On-Site Covid Testing Options

Once a mobile unit is booked, individuals within the organization will be emailed a unique booking link where they can go online to book an appointment for day and time that best fits their schedule. Once the appointment is selected, a confirmation will be sent via email along with a link to check in and electronically sign testing and/or vaccination forms.

Rapid Antigen COVID

Rapid PCR/Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT)

Antibody Testing

Covid-19 Precautions for Social Gatherings

Strategic Planning for Social Gathering

Strategic Planning for Social Gathering

All our doctors and staff strictly follow safety precautions recommended by CDC and are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment ) to provide standardized medical service in all overcrowded places like concerts, conferences, sports events, weddings, galas, conventions, etc.

We aim at helping you hold gatherings conveniently and safely. Our staff is skilled in efficiently conducting multiple COVID tests for events in the quickest possible time. We also make sure to offer you consulting services in developing all the checkpoints and guidelines for an all-inclusive COVID-19 prevention protocol.

Steps for On-Site Covid Testing

Our mission is to make on-the-spot COVID testing as simplified and convenient as possible. Here are the simple steps that all the guests need to follow:

By implementing rapid COVID testing before an event, event organizers can feel safer knowing that all attendees have been tested, decreasing the likelihood of severe viral contagion among staff, attendees, and vendors. With our portable healthcare facility, event planners can offer the most convenient means of testing with reliable results within a short span of time; thus keeping COVID testing from becoming a hassle for the scheduled event.

Point of Care Health Services provides a customized testing quote based on volume. Since vaccinated individuals can still contract and spread the COVID-19 virus, we encourage everyone to be tested to maintain the best safety measures possible.

Book your appointment online or get in touch with us, for more information.


You must facilitate covid testing for everyone in the same space 24 hours up to the time of the event. In addition, make sure to place hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue and have an adequate number of masks (for people who may not have one) to ensure maximum safety.
If attendees are tested prior to entrance and there is ample space to social distance 3-5 feet and/or there is an outdoor area, attendees should feel comfortable safely attending these events.
We recommend testing everyone before an event to ensure maximum safety at the venue.

For more information please email info@pochealthservices.com