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Colby College student Drake Blossfield talks COVID-19 testing

Colby College student Drake Blossfield talks COVID-19 testing

Drake Blossfield a senior at Colby College talks about COVID-19 testing at Colby College and fellow classmates approach to the school year.

They’re still even gathering for social engagements, said Drake Blossfield, a senior from Wisconsin. Normally, the senior apartments are the hot spot for crowdedcampus parties, Now, social engagements are more personal. Blossfield said he and his roommates even have a thermometer to take people’s temperatures.

So far, he and his friends have hosted a small dance party. They’re planning to gather a few friends for a limited Halloween celebration. They’ll all be wearing “Dad clothes” – think faded jeans and polos – with baby carriers on their chests to liven up the festivities.

Without massive parties, he and his friends don’t have to spend so much time cleaning up empty cans or party detritus. The plea from seniors to the rest of the college, he said, goes something like: “This is our final year. Please don’t ruin it for us.”