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On-Site Employee Wellness Screening

Point of Care Health Services will come on-site to administer wellness screening and diagnostic testing so that employees don't even have to leave their job site to have access to critical health and wellness data. Employers can book a mobile unit to arrive on-site and serve their workforce, eliminating the challenges that keep employees from proactively addressing potential infection and disease.


Once a mobile unit is booked, individuals within the organization will be emailed a unique booking link where they can go online to book an appointment for day and time that best fits their schedule. Once the appointment is selected, a confirmation will be sent via email along with a link to check in and electronically sign testing and/or vaccination forms.


Lipid Panel




Blood Glucose Levels

COVID Antibody

Presence of COVID Antibodies

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Pressure on Arteries as Blood Pumps


Body Mass Index

Genetic Testing

Genetic Diet

Genetic diet and nutrition testing takes the guesswork out of weight management

Genetic Health

To help patients live healthier lives, we test for multiple gene variants to identify any

Genetic Fitness

Genetic Fitness

Genetic fitness testing can help personalize a training strategy that optimizes genetic potential

Genetic Anti Aging

Genetic Anti Aging

Genetic tests that analyze genes that comprise our skin aim to improve the visual signs

Genetic Estrogen

Using genetic estrogen testing can help women who suffer from estrogen-dominant

Genetic Mind

Neurological genetic testing includes genetic variations involved in key biological

Pharmacogenetic PGX

Pharmacogenomic Testing PGX

Prescription Drug



Flucelvax; quadrivalent (ccIIV4)

Flu - 1 dose



Covid - 2 doses


SARSCOV2 Moderna

Covid - 2 doses



Shingles - 2 doses

Point of Care Health Services provides a customized testing quote based on volume. Since vaccinated individuals can still contract and spread the COVID-19 virus, we encourage everyone to be tested to maintain the best safety measures possible.

Book your appointment online or get in touch with us, for more information.


Employee health screening is typically part of a larger company-wide wellness program. The screening service allows companies to get a better understanding of their overall employee health and can assist the company in creating programs tailored to the needs of their work staff.
(Resource: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/benefits-of-wellness)
An employee health screening is an assessment provided by trained medical staff to detect serious health conditions. These wellness exams allow for early detection of health problems, making them easier to treat and possibly cure.
(Resource: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/worklife/health-wellness/fact-sheets/workplace-health-screenings-fact-sheet.pdf)
In most cases, an employer cannot require an employee to participate in a wellness program or to obtain health screening services. These programs are on a voluntary basis. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission does outline specific ADA rules regarding when employers can and cannot request health screening, and you can read more here.
(Resource: https://www.eeoc.gov/pre-employment-inquiries-and-medical-questions-examinations)